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Tools for a more sustainable future


Monitor your energy, water and waste. Reducing consumption saves you money, lowers your impact on the environment and improves your overall efficiency.


The welfare and happiness of your workforce is key to a responsible – and efficient – business. Demonstrate your pay is fair and your hiring policy is equal.

Supply Chain

Track and analyse your sustainable sourcing to show how using local suppliers and fostering long-term relationships benefits the local economy.


Measure the positive impact your company’s donations and staff volunteering have on charities and the local community.


Yardstick is a flexible cloud-based platform designed to suit any tourism business in any destination.

On every continent, in every time zone, you can use our online tools to monitor, improve and share your sustainability achievements.


Yardstick was developed to meet the reporting needs of small businesses in the tourism sector, who face a real challenge to effectively and efficiently measure their social, economic and environmental impacts and communicate their credentials to travel operators and discerning tourists. However, being highly flexible, the service can be adapted for use by small enterprises in all markets.


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Yardstick is suitable for any business in any location. Specially designed for speed and simplicity, our sustainability reporting tools will slot easily into your daily working life.


  • Cloud-based: Access anywhere, anytime
  • Responsive: Enter data direct from your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • Affordable: Developed using open source software and custom code keeping our costs to a minimum so we can pass the savings on to you
  • Fast: Built using a powerful extendable framework
  • Secure: SSL encryption on all communications between your browser and our server