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About Yardstick

supporting your sustainability goals

Designed for you

Yardstick is a sustainability reporting service developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry, designed to help you take your corporate social responsibility out of the boardroom and straight to the people who matter – your customers.

From writing your sustainability policy to producing your first annual report, Yardstick is here to guide you as we work together to improve responsibility in the tourism sector.

Here at Yardstick, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of expertise, from right across the travel, tourism and cultural sectors to business development, design, social media and marketing. It goes without saying that we are passionate about sustainability. The Yardstick ethos is to take the fear and hassle out of reporting and, instead, work together to champion sustainability within the tourism industry, creating a community of businesses which is committed to making a change – and a difference.

Already been certified? If you’ve already received certification for your sustainability efforts, Yardstick is an ideal complement, helping you share with your customers the steps you took to achieve your certification.Yardstick is designed to help businesses put in place the tools and regulations needed to ensure the efforts you make towards more responsible practices do not go unnoticed.

Our goal

To unite everyone working towards a more environmentally balanced, ethical business with a simple to use, flexible scheme that helps you monitor, achieve and share your sustainability goals.

Stand out from the crowd

be a leader in sustainability and gain the competitive edge

Is Yardstick right for you?

Whether you are just starting out on the road to improved sustainability or already an expert in the field, Yardstick is suitable for everyone, whatever your business size, type or budget.

One of the key benefits of Yardstick is we have no set start point, so whatever stage you are at we can effortlessly integrate your business into the Yardstick scheme. Yardstick is designed to be flexible and, by working directly with you, we’ll draw on our expert knowledge to ensure our tools are relevant for your business.

What makes us different?

As interest in sustainable tourism increases from governments and consumers alike, so does the number of accreditation programs, environmental, health and safety management systems and sustainable tourism toolkits available.

When it comes to sustainability reporting, one of the main stumbling blocks businesses have reported is that they feel existing schemes are too time-consuming or complicated for small businesses. Since 97% of tourism businesses are small to medium in size, there is clearly a gap in the market – and this is where Yardstick comes in. We are one of the few schemes to offer a simple to use, accessible, cost-effective service targeted at small to medium businesses and providing a strong platform for them to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

In addition to online monitoring tools and report writing, at Yardstick we champion the importance of marketing and social engagement, helping businesses highlight and celebrate their efforts towards more sustainable operations.

As a Yardstick client, you’ll be part of an emerging community united by a desire to improve and share their sustainable successes with the world.

What can you expect from Yardstick?

  • Expert and friendly service: our UK-based team is passionate about sustainability and is on hand to support you every step of the way
  • Simple tools: we’ve established a set of tested tools and step-by-step guides to help you monitor your chosen areas.
  • Report writing: we’ll help you create a professional sustainability report that is easy to understand by customers and stakeholders alike
  • You make the rules: set your own standards and priorities for your business; whatever your specific needs and goals, your Yardstick scheme is tailor-made
  • Transparency: with our impartial and independent verification, your customers can be confident you are doing what you say you’re doing
  • Custom infographic: we’ll use your key data to create a visually appealing infographic so you can share your successes with your customers
  • Personalised web page: as a member of the Yardstick community, you’ll get your own page on our website, profiling your business and showcasing your sustainability reports and infographic in an easy-to-read – and easy to share – format